Home Telephone Entry Emergency Call Systems
EC-300 Call Reciever Panel Emergency Nurse Call System
$159.00 USD
EC-240A 40 LED Annunciator panel with a directory
$149.00 USD
EC-220A 20 LED Annunciator panel with a directory
$98.00 USD
301-1F Single Panel Frame
$89.00 USD
301-2F Two Panel Frame
$95.00 USD
301-3F Three Panel Frame
$117.00 USD
301-4F Four Panel Frame
$119.00 USD
301-5F Five Panel Frame
$129.00 USD
301-6F Six Panel Frame
$139.00 USD
301-1B Backbox for 301-1F
$28.95 USD
301-2B Backbox for 301-2F
$32.50 USD
301-3B Backbox for 301-3F
$36.25 USD
301-5B BACKBOX FOR 301-5F
$44.25 USD
301-6B Backbox for 301-6F
$47.75 USD
301-4B Backbox for 301-4F
$42.00 USD
EC-111 Push Cord Set
$26.95 USD
TR-074B 24 VAC, 75 VA Transformer
$74.25 USD
EC-103 Single Gang Pull Cord Station With LED
$17.50 USD
EC-100 Single Gang Pull Cord Station
EC-115 Push Cord Station With Confirmation LED
$45.00 USD
EC-105A Stainless Steel Dual Gang Horn, 24V AC
$41.00 USD
AS-084A Remote Signal Silence Station with Audible Buzzer
$24.75 USD
EC-116 Emergency Push Button Station
$25.70 USD
EC-106 Dual Corridor Dome Light
$26.20 USD
EC-104 Corridor Dome Light
$12.15 USD
DA-100 Door Alarm Station
$72.00 USD
EC-140 Corridor Light and Audible Signal Unit
$24.95 USD